Backend, Infra, and CI Engineer with DevRel experience returning from sabbatical

Recurse Center

Engineer, Mentor

2023-08 – present

Developing a git-like knowledge management system in Go and Rust. Mentoring three engineers and preparing them for behavioral and technical interviews. Paired with junior and senior engineers on various projects: shaders in godot, word-game in React, macOS bridge in Python for pasteboard manipulation.


Senior Developer Advocate

2022-05 – 2023-07

Designed scaleable API release process as API contributions increased by 5×. Coordinated and managed all API releases, both internally and externally. Consulted for all API changes, including API token changes and domain-wide permissions changes Developed tooling for generating OpenAPI Spec directly from Scala and existing OpenAPI Spec. Mentored junior Developer Advocate and prepared them for transition to software engineer.


Developer Relations Engineer

2020-03 – 2022-05

Partnered and consulted with biggest users and developers of the Google Ads API and the Google Shopping Content API (e.g., eBay). Contributed samples to the Google Ads Client Libraries (PHP, .NET). Point-of-Contact for major ML-based Google Ads feature (Performance Max ads campaigns). Analyzed Google Ads API and OAuth traffic to identify latency issues in new client libraries using custom sql-like analytics database. Created dashboard for auditing Google Ads API support and internal tools using Python / SQL / Kubernetes. Interviewed engineers. Produced videos and workshops.


Platform Engineer

2019-04 – 2019-12

(Team was reorged and dissolved in December 2019)

  • Created roadmaps, prioritized work, and designed architecture for legacy Zagat, new user-generated content app, and editorialized restaurant finder.
  • Designed Kubernetes architecture and Docker images. Reduced size of images from >500mb to <20mb. Led and implemented initiative to increase deploy frequency to several times a day (from once a month).
  • Optimized use of Google Maps API and reduced costs by $20k/month. Integrated Firebase for user identity and sign-in. Integrated Stackdriver logging and metrics. Integrated Google CloudSQL. - Responsible for prioritizing and guiding work on (legacy and new UGC product) - Responsible for roadmapping MVP, Beta, and launch of new UGC product
  • Developed staging and local development environment for a mixed codebase (legacy and new product)
  • Interviewed product managers and engineering managers


2013-10 – 2019-04

  • Senior Software Engineer (2019-01 – 2019-04)

    • Improved speed of spell-corrected search results API by 300ms from 700 ms and led A/B test using in-house experimentation platform to prove conversion win

    • Led successful initiative to experiment with new machine-learning dataset for buyer app launch screen resulting in revenue increases due to adoption of improved dataset

    • Coordinated across product and engineering to lead and implement user timezone settings to ensure push notifications are delivered at locale-appropriate times

  • Software Engineer (2016-06 – 2019-01)

    • Developed holiday search and browse experience using in-house page layout engine allowing API-side control of native client experience

    • Built screenshot diffing system using in-house photo manipulation service that generates screenshots for every new release and highlights differences between them

    • Built screenshot generation service that produces all combinations of App Store and Google Play listing screenshots and marketing materials

    • Designed and built Ship, a SOX-compliant internal tool that automates app deployments across GitHub, iTunes Connect, Google Play, email, and Slack.

    • Created and maintained internal Python package for managing deployments of Android apps to Google Play using Google Play API

    • Interviewed entry-level software engineers and engineering interns

  • Release Manager (2014-01 – 2016-06)

    • Transformed engineering culture by pioneering a two-week release schedule and a continuous-delivery model of app releases
    • Responsible for the stable releases of all Etsy mobile apps (Android Buyer, Android Seller, iOS Buyer, & iOS Seller)
    • Mitigated product-launch conflicts
    • Created and documented efficient and effective failure-paths for releases
    • Designed and built a UI to allow iOS engineers to selectively enable / disable features in the iOS app to improve ease of testing
    • Interviewed engineering managers

Mentoring & Volunteering

NYC Tech Talent Pipeline

Workshop Instructor (part-time)

2020-01 – 2020-08

  • Designed and taught three different data-structures and algorithms focused workshops to address skill and knowledge gaps among CUNY and NYC bootcamp students seeking positions in tech in NYC. Total of 15 workshops with 118 attendees.
  • Analyzed performance of 68 candidates’ written coding assignments and developed curriculum based on knowledge gaps to prepare them for technical interviews
  • Performed technical and behavioral interviews for admission into talent pipeline

CodeNation & Pursuit


2018-04 – 2019-12

  • Developed curriculum for and taught workshops on using data-structures, problem solving, and big-O time and space complexity

  • Conducted mock behavioral and technical interviews for CS students and provided feedback and guidance to help prepare them future tech jobs

  • Mentored Pursuit fellow, providing guidance around job applications, whiteboard interviews, and resume preparation